React http server with slim framework as backend

v0.2.5 2018-02-25 18:49 UTC


React Http server with Slim 3 as request handler. Slim-reactor allows you to run your Slim 3 application faster than traditional php-fpm. This goal is achieved by skipping the expensive bootstrap of PHP and framework. This is just a lib, witch can be used in skeleton like slim-reactor-skeleton. You will also need process manager like this one goatherd.


The easiest way to install slim-reactor is download it using composer

composer require crazygoat/slim-reactor 

Usage example

Below is minimal code to run slim inside react http server

$app = new App(); // vanilla slim app see limitation


$app = new SlimReactorApp(); // 

//some app configuration here

$slimReactor  = new SlimReactor($app);

More examples you will find in examples directory.

Known vanilla Slim App limitations

The vanilla Slim App (Slim\App) was not designed to run as part of React Http server so it has some usage limitations.

  • You can't use optional parameters in routes. Slim Route will remember optional attributes between request. Once optional attribute is in request, next request without this attribute will be still in route. Fixed in SlimReactor.

Most of these problem were fixed in SlimReactorApp and this class is prefered to be used with SlimReactor.


You can change default parameter, by passing second parameter to SlimReactor constructor.

$slimReactor = new SlimReactor(
        // options here

Available options:

  • socket - socket address, to listening on localhost interface on port 80 set this valut to Default value is:
  • loopInterface - option to pass you loop interface. If this option is not set, SlimRector will create it's own instance of loop interface. Default value null.
  • convertToSlim - boolean option to convert PSR-7 request/response to Slim Request/Respnse classes. This is required to set to true if your code use internal slim function like Response->withJson(). By default it's set to true. If we are sure, that your code is not using Slim internal functions setting this option to false can signify speedup your application.
  • staticContentPath - path (can be relative) to static content directory. If set, then SlimReactor will try to serve static file if exists in staticContentPath directory. If file not exists SlimReactor will try to find matching route. Default value null.