Templating library.

v0.4.8 2017-08-15 16:29 UTC


Template system, based on cs_genericPage from cs-content (v1.x).

This is a templating engine, built primarily to allow easy separation between PHP and HTML. Separating PHP from HTML helps keep the code clean and tends to avoid spaghetti code from happening.

Quick Definitions

Template: a file containing template vars.

Template Var: a string of text, following standard variable naming conventions, wrapped in curly braces: {templateVar}


This is a simple example. Keep in mind that there's a lot of different ways to accomplish this same end result.

$recordSet = array(
			0 => array(
				'primary_id'    => 1,
				'record_name'   => 'The First Record',
				'another_field' => 'field value',
				'is_active'     => 0,
			1 => array(
				'primary_id'    => 3,
				'record_name'   => 'A third record',
				'another_field' => 'something else',
				'is_active'     => 1,
$tmpl = new Template(__DIR__ .'/path/to/file.tmpl');
$output = $tmpl->renderRows($recordSet);

The associated template file would look something like this:


The output would look like this:

1|The First Record|field value|0|
3|A third record|something else|1|