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A command line tool that allows developers to quickly create PHP applications that use common conventions and best-in-breed development tools.

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PHP Project Starter is a command line tool that allows developers to quickly create PHP applications that use common conventions and best-in-breed development tools. The goals of this application are to guide developers towards best practices and get them from zero-to-CI in seconds.

The applications created by this tool have an opinionated directory structure, build system, and pre-configured set of service connections with badges ready to go. Refer to the Tools And Conventions and Directory Structure sections below for more details.

See the examples below for repositories created by the PHP Project Starter tool:


Install The Command Line Tool

Download Via Browser

Download php-project.phar from https://github.com/cpliakas/php-project-starter/releases/latest,

Download Via Command Line

curl -O http://www.chrispliakas.com/php-project-starter/download/latest/php-project.phar

Test It Out!

Run php php-project.phar --help to see all options supported by the command line tool and ensure that installation succeeded.

It is also common practice to place the php-project.phar file in a location that makes it easier to access, for example /usr/local/bin, and renaming it to php-project. Ensure the file is executable by running chmod 755 so that you don't have to prefix the command with php.

Create A New Project

php php-project.phar new \
  --label="My Project" \
  --description="A longer description for My Project" \
  --namespace="My\Project" \

Pass the --jenkins-url option to post a job to Jenkins that consumes the build artifacts.

Make A Repository On GitHub

Make a new repository matching the project name (e.g. cpliakas/my-project) and push your code. Note that the origin remote is already set in the repository.

cd ../path/to/working-copy
git push -u origin master

Configure Other Services

Keeping Up-To-Date

Run the following command to update PHP Project Starter to the latest stable version:

php php-project.phar self-update

Using Apache Ant

Running ant in the newly created project's root directory will download Composer, install development dependencies, run PHPUnit, and generate a code coverage report and software metrics in the ./build directory.

The main targets can be found by running ant -p and are listed below:

  • clean: Cleanup build artifacts
  • clean-src: Cleanup dependency source code
  • clean-all: Cleanup build artifacts and dependency source code
  • composer: Run composer update
  • lint: Perform syntax check of sourcecode files
  • pdepend: Calculate software metrics using PHP_Depend
  • phpcpd: Find duplicate code using PHPCPD
  • phploc: Measure project size using PHPLOC
  • phpmd: Perform mess detection using PHPMD, print human readable output.
  • phpmd-ci: Perform mess detection using PHPMD, creating a log file for the CI server
  • phpunit: Run unit tests with PHPUnit

Common command line options that set Ant properties are listed below:

  • -Dcomposer.noselfupdate=1: Do not run composer self-update during the build
  • -Dcomposer.noupdate=1: Do not run composer update during the build

Tools And Conventions

Tools and conventions that this template expects the PHP project being started to embrace.

Dependency Management

Build & CI

Code Quality



Directory Structure

PHP Project

|-- src/
|-- test/
|-- .editorconfig
|-- .gitignore
|-- .scrutinizer.yml
|-- .travis.yml
|-- build.xml
|-- composer.json
|-- phpmd.xml
|-- phpunit.xml
`-- README.md

Build Artifacts

`-- build/
    |-- coverage/
    |   `--index.html
    |-- logs/
    |   |-- clover.xml
    |   |-- jdepend.xml
    |   |-- junit.xml
    |   |-- phploc.csv
    |   |-- pmd-cpd.xml
    |   `-- pmd.xml
    |-- pdepend/
    |   |-- dependencies.svg
    |   `-- overview-pyramid.svg
    `-- composer.phar