CSS icons for tv networks

v2.17.0 2018-03-14 10:54 UTC


CSS for TV networks. See the demo.


For using the TV network inline with text add the classes tv-network-icon and tv-network-icon-xx (where xx is the code for the network, i.e. amc) to an empty <span>. If you want to have a smaller version of the network icon tv-network-icon-sm. Example:

<span class="tv-network-icon tv-network-icon-amc"></span>
<span class="tv-network-icon tv-network-icon-sm tv-network-icon-amc"></span>
<span class="tv-network-icon tv-network-icon-md tv-network-icon-amc"></span>


Run the npm install to install the dependencies after cloning the project and you'll be able to:

To watch for changes and live reload if served

$ grunt

To build *.less files

$ grunt build

To serve it on localhost:8000

$ grunt connect