A collection of resources and packages to use when developing a Laravel application (that won't make it to production)

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A handy collection of resources and packages to use when developing a Laravel application that won't be registered in your production environment.


First, include the package in your project with the --dev flag

composer require --dev corazzi/laravel-development-pack

Then register the package service provider for your non-production environments:

// AppServiceProvider.php

public function register()
    if ($this->app->environment() !== 'production') {

Per-package configuration

Most included packages are just plug-and-play. That is, you don't need to perform any extra steps to start using them in your dev environment.

Some packages, however, may require you to put code in other places in your application that could or will cause issues in an environment where the packages are not included (production, for example).

See the package configuration documentation for more details.

Cherry-picking packages

By default, all included packages are enabled.

You can choose which packages are enabled or disabled by publishing the configuration file.

Publish the config file by running:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Corazzi\LaravelDevelopmentPack\ServiceProvider"

Then, in config/dev-pack.php, change the value of each package you do not want to include to false.

Please note that even if you disable a package from being activated in your app, it will still be included in your composer dependencies and, therefore, your vendor folder.

Included packages:


Please use the issue tracker for issues related to this package. Please do not create issues caused by or affecting the included packages, unless it's an integration issue that can be fixed in this package.

Security Issues

Please report all security issues directly to

Do not use the issue tracker.