Provides a bootstrapped PSR7 application and PSR11 container to your behat contexts

v3.0.0-rc1 2021-11-20 21:05 UTC


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This Behat extension allows you to more easily test your PSR7 / 11 / 15 applications and gives you the ability to isolate your application components at service boundaries by injecting mocks/dummies/stubs into your running application instances at test time.

For instance, you may want to isolate outgoing HTTP calls from Guzzle and mock the responses of those. This is sometimes called whitebox testing.


This builds on the work of @ciaranmcnulty and his behat-psr7extension by injecting the built PSR7 application into the behat contexts alongside the PSR11 Container that is responsible for it. When this happens you're able to modify the running application by manipulation of the Container contents.

An example of this is the replacement of a AWS handler with a AWS mock handler, which allows you to mock responses to AWS requests as a part of your context steps definitions.

How to

For details of using this extension with Mink you can take a look at the included FeatureContext.php

In essence:

  1. Implement either Psr11AwareContext or Psr11MinkAwareContext in your Behat context file.
    1. Psr11AwareContext if you are performing non-ui based "implementation" interactions.
    2. Psr11MinkAwareContext if you want to utilise Mink to do browser based "acceptance" interactions.
  2. If using Psr11MinkAwareContext a trait is provided (Acpr\Behat\Psr\Context\RuntimeMinkContext) that implements the necessary Behat injection methods and behaviours.