eZ Platform bundle that gives the ability to specify content dispositions for downloads.

v3.2.0 2023-12-19 20:20 UTC


This bundle gives the ability to customize content dispositions (inline or attachment) for downloads.

You can specify the default content disposition, and content dispositions per mime type.


  • Run composer require:
$ composer require contextualcode/ezplatform-content-disposition-bundle
  • Enable this bundle in config/bundles.php by adding this line:
    return [
        ContextualCode\EzPlatformContentDispositionBundle\ContextualCodeEzPlatformContentDispositionBundle::class => ['all' => true],

Add this to your routes.yaml:

  resource: '@ContextualCodeEzPlatformContentDispositionBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml'


In some parameters block, for example in config/services.yaml, you can specify:

  • A default content disposition: inline
  • A content disposition per mimetype:
      "application/pdf": inline
      "application/msword": attachment
  • Make files cache-control: public, s-maxage=%download_content_disposition.download_file_ttl% and vary by user context hash (default: false).

    ibexa.site_access.config.default.download_content_disposition.public_download: true
    ibexa.site_access.config.default.download_content_disposition.download_file_ttl: 86400

    if download_content_disposition.download_file_ttl setting not defined, content.default_ttl will be used.