Promoting container interoperability through standard definitions

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Last update: 2024-05-19 20:09:13 UTC


definition-interop tries to offer a solution for writing cross-framework modules.


Modules (aka packages or bundles) are widespread in modern frameworks. Unfortunately each framework has its own convention and tools for writing them. The goal of container-interop and more specifically definition-interop is to help developers write modules that can work in any framework.

Cross-framework modules can take advantage of PSR-7 (HTTP requests and responses abstractions) as well as Puli (resource location in packages), but the last missing piece is letting modules register container entries. That is necessary so that modules can expose services to users.


While container-interop/container-interop tries to standardize how to fetch entries from containers, container-interop/definition-interop tries to standardize how to define container entries.

The definitions standardized in this package are only meant to be used by modules; they are not meant to cover every use case of every container. Given this restricted scope, the definitions are intentionally simple in order to be easily supported by every container.

With that in mind, users can rest assured that they can use all the features offered by their container of choice, while only module developers have to make use of the standard definitions.


composer require container-interop/definition-interop@dev

This package adheres to the SemVer specification and will be fully backward compatible between minor versions.

Compatible projects

Projects implementing definition-interop

Projects providing definition classes implementing the definition-interop interfaces.


Projects reading configuration files in any kind of format and generating definition-interop compatible definitions.

  • YamlDefinitionLoader: Loads definitions from YAML files. Accepts a subset of Symfony YAML file format.

Projects consuming definition-interop

Projects reading definition-interop compatible definitions and turning them into actual container entries.

  • Assembly: provides a simple container-interop compatible container
  • Yaco: provides a compiler generating container-interop compatible containers

Note: A dedicated test suite is available for projects consuming definition-interop compatible definitions. Those projects can use this test suite to check compliance with definition-interop.

Modules built using definition-interop