A Laravel wrapper for the Wolfram|Alpha API.

1.0 2014-03-17 15:54 UTC


This is a very simple wrapper for Wolfram|Alpha to allow use of the Facade interface in Laravel. If using in Laravel, be sure to define the config key app.wolframapikey as your unique API key.

To access the WolframAlphaEngine, simply do WolframAlpha::wrapped();

There is a function that I added their for simple queries, it is very useful when you just want a limitted amount of plaintext responses. It will return up to 5 responses, in an array (E.G: ['one', 'two', 'three' ... ]) and the last response will be a link to the Wolfram|Alpha query page with the query already executed.


$response = WA::easyQuery('5!');


Composer setup

In the require key of composer.json file add the following

"connorvg/laravel-wolframalpha": "dev-master"

Run the Composer update comand

$ composer update


If you're using laravel, add this service provider:


Also, this Facade:

'WolframAlpha' => 'ConnorVG\WolframAlpha\WolframAlphaFacade'

I recommend:

'WA' => 'ConnorVG\WolframAlpha\WolframAlphaFacade'