Easily visualize your data in different types of charts.

v1.3.2 2021-07-08 10:34 UTC



Easily visualize your data in different types of charts.

Features include:

  • Configure line, pie or bar charts to display data from your Contao database or mix the types
  • Load any data from any table or enter your own in the back end
  • Switch between different ranges of data on the click of a button
  • Add any image as watermark


Via composer:

composer require con4gis/visualization

Alternatively, you can use the Contao Manager to install the con4gis-VisualizationBundle.



This bundles provides two back end modules and one content element for Contao:

Chart module

Create and manage you charts. Add elements, such as lines or bars, add ranges, choose which axes should be shown and how and add a watermark.

Chart Element module

Create and manage your chart elements, such as lines or bars. Pick the data to visualize and its color.

Chart content element

Add the content element to your article, pick the chart. Done!


Visit for a user documentation. You can also contact us via the support forum there.