Elastos based 2FA for Laravel

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Last update: 2020-03-07 04:14:44 UTC


This package adds Elastos based DID blockchain authentication to your Laravel project.


composer require compy/laravel-elastos-auth

Then install the autopublish assets:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Compy\LaravelElastosAuth\DIDAuthServiceProvider"

You need to generate an application ID, encryption keys and a DID by using the Elastos Developer App DID Wizard

Your .env file should have the following configuration:

ELA_MNEMONIC="<Mnemonic returned by DID wizard>"
ELA_PRIVATE_KEY=<Private key from DID wizard>
ELA_PUBLIC_KEY=<Public key from DID wizard>
ELA_ADDRESS=<Address from DID wizard>
ELA_DID=<DID from wizard>
ELA_APP_NAME=<The app name you entered on the wizard>
ELA_APP_ID=<The app ID returned by the DID wizard>

It is advised that you leave the callback URL the same as all routes are prefixed with /elastos

Run the migrations with

php artisan migrate

This will add a did column to your users table. You should make the did attribute fillable within your User model.


The following routes are added by this package:

  • /elastos/auth - Main authentication route where you should direct your users to login via Elastos if desired.
  • /elastos/register - Main registration page where you should direct your users to register via Elastos if desired.