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This Package is meant to help you cache you application to the maximum potential.


// fetch your Cache
$cache = $this->cacheManager->getCache('My_Cache');

$entity = new \My\Domain\Model\Entity();

$identifier = 'MyOutputThatDependsOnThatEntity' . $this->cacheIdentityService->getIdentifierByObject($entity);

if (!$cache->has($identifier)) {
	// Really time-consuming and complex rendering that depends on that entity
	$output = $entity->getName();
	$cache->set($identifier, $output);

echo $cache->get($identifier);

For every Entity Insert/Update/Delete a timestamp for that Entity will be stored and can be fetched from the cacheIdentityService to get a Identitfier to cache Data that needs to be unique for the version/state of that entity.