An easy to use extension which enables you to use captchas in the TYPO3 form extension.

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3.0.0 2023-07-17 08:36 UTC

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An easy to use extension which enables you to use captchas in the TYPO3 form extension

Installation via Composer

composer require columbusinteractive/typo3-easycaptcha

How it works

Under the hood this extension makes use of the fantastic laminas/laminas-captcha library. This extension is using a separated session container to make things easier. A separate session cookie named captcha is set and only valid for the current browser session. Keep this in mind for your cookie consent or privacy settings! Generated captcha images are automatically gargabe collected from time to time, so no worries.


After you've installed the extension, you will see a new field called "Easy captcha" in your TYPO3 forms editor. Simply add the field and you are good to go. Don't forget to add the static typoscript file in your template!


The following options are available in the TYPO3 form editor:


The captcha can be styled if necessary. In most cases however, the default styling should be sufficient. The following classes are available:

  • easycaptcha (container)
    • easycaptcha--initialized (initialized captcha)
  • easycaptcha__challenge (wrapper for image and buttons)
  • easycaptcha__image-wrapper (wrapper for image)
  • easycaptcha__image (image)
  • easycaptcha__actions (wrapper for buttons)
  • easycaptcha__action-tts (tts button)
  • easycaptcha__action-reload (reload button)
  • easycaptcha__input-wrapper (wrapper for input)


Tha JavaScript API can be accessed using window.easycaptcha.

Available functions:

easycaptcha.init(id: string|HTMLElement): void;
easycaptcha.initAll(): void;
easycaptcha.reload(id: string|HTMLElement): void;
easycaptcha.tts(id: string|HTMLElement): Promise;
easycaptcha.get(id: string|HTMLElement): HTMLElement;
easycaptcha.getAll(): HTMLCollection;


We're using the captcha on our corporate website for the contact form.


This TYPO3 extension is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT-Licence