Package for authenticating Laravel against Hashicorp's Vault.

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dev-master 2017-08-18 19:25 UTC

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Last update: 2023-11-25 23:55:17 UTC


Laravel package for using Hashicorp's Vault as an Authentication Provider. Authenticates users against an instance of Vault, stores user information in the session, and handles closing of the laravel session when the vault ttl expires. Built and tested with Laravel 5.4.


  1. Install the LaravaultAuth package manually or with composer:

    • Composer

      composer require codybuell/laravault-auth
    • Manually

      git clone vendor/codybuell/laravault-auth
      # edit composer.json, under autoload -> psr-4 append:
      "CodyBuell\\LaravaultAuth\\": "vendor/codybuell/laravault-auth/src"
  2. Add provider to config/app.php providers array:

  3. Publish config and configure config/laravault-auth.php:

     php artisan vendor:publish
  4. Set 'vault' as your auth provider in config/auth.php:

     'providers' => [
         'users' => [
             'driver' => 'vault',
  5. Set auth to use username rather than email. In app/Http/Controllers/Auth/LoginController.php add:

      * Use usernames instead of emails.
     public function username() {
       return 'username';


Accessing Vault Client Token

Accessing User Attributes


  • write tests
  • add option to not tie laravel session length to vault ttl