Library providing unified way for running application health checks

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HealthCheck library aims to provide an easy way to write arbitrary system checks that are ran regularly. For library it does not matter what you check, what matters is whether the check result is OK, WARNING or ERROR and how the library can be of help to notify you about the results.


Library's only requirement is that you use PHP not older than 7.1. The library also provides few out of the box integrations, you can check the require-dev section. Also for all Symfony lovers we provide a bundle that will turn library integration into a breeze.


Any health check must implement \Codete\HealthCheck\HealthCheck interface. To register your check in the library you can tag service with hc.health_check tag if you're using Symfony or add it to \Codete\HealthCheck\HealthCheckRegistry manually.

To fulfill the HealthCheck contract your implementation must provide 2 methods:

  • getName - human readable name of the check
  • check - actual logic of your check

Additionally the library provides \Codete\HealthCheck\ExpiringHealthCheck which allows you to set an expiry date for the check. This can prove especially useful for 3rd party API health checks when you know when used version will no longer be supported. In practice checks that are OK but valid date is due will turn to warnings.

The check method must return \Codete\HealthCheck\HealthStatus object which encapsulates check result (OK, WARNING or ERROR) and an optional message. Basing on status result Result Handlers can act accordingly.


Result handler are services that are handling health check results. Any Result handler must implement \Codete\HealthCheck\ResultHandler interface. To register your handler in the library you can tag service with hc.result_handler and provide unique id parameter if you're using Symfony or add it to \Codete\HealthCheck\ResultHandlerRegistry manually. For example implementations you can take a look into \Codete\HealthCheck\ResultHandler\ namespace.


Bundle provides two commands:

  • health-check:run <fqcn> to run one health check and output its status
  • health-check:run-all to run all registered health checks and output results in a nice way

Bundle's configuration reference

      type: psr3                      # PSR3 compatible handler
      id: logger                      # service identifier
      level: warning                  # level that should be used for reporting
      type: chain                     # groups together many handlers
      members: [ psr3, name_of_your_tagged_handler ]
      type: remembering               # aggregates results to be fetched later
      type: slack                     # posts result to Slack channel
      url:   # endpoint for an incoming webhook
      channel: dev                    # channel to post in
      username: notifier              # username for bot
      icon: ':angel:'                 # icon for bot
  status:                             # choose which handler should be called for each result status
    green: ~                          # no reporting
    yellow: elephpant                 # use "elephpant" handler
    red: chain                        # use "chain" handler