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The Codesleeve Platform Starter Kit

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v4.0 2014-02-24 16:54 UTC

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Download by running this command in your console

    $ composer create-project --stability="dev" codesleeve/platform your-project-name

Start up a new laravel server

    php artisan serve

Navigate your browser to http://localhost:8000/login and use admin and password for the username and password.

What if I want to install platform into an existing project?

If you already have an existing laravel 4.1 project then you can follow the instructions on each individual component page.

How do I manage environments?

If you copied the bootstrap/start.php file during platform:setup then you simply need to set in ~/.bashrc


We don't make use of hostnames or machine names as this is insecure and difficult to manage across teams and different machines.