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v2.0.1 2021-12-18 02:25 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-04-27 15:46:28 UTC


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This package makes rendering of a jump marker navigation for content nodes easy.


CodeQ.JumpMarkers is available via packagist run composer require codeq/jumpmarkers. We use semantic versioning so every breaking change will increase the major-version number.


1. Configs for Neos content nodes

Add the CodeQ.JumpMarkers:Mixin.SectionConfiguration mixin to any content NodeType that you would want to link in a jump marker navigation, or as a permalink with a hash.

E.g. this code adds such ability to every Content NodeType:

    'CodeQ.JumpMarkers:Mixin.SectionConfiguration': true

inspector editor

2. Render the anchors in the NodeType rendering

You can either render the id on the item itself with:

prototype(Vendor:Site) < prototype(Neos.Neos:ContentComponent) {
    id = CodeQ.JumpMarkers:NodeAnchorId
    renderer = afx`
        <section id={}>

or you add an anchor before with the CodeQ.JumpMarkers:AnchorWrapper processor to the same NodeType renderer to insert an anchor tag with the given id before it.


prototype(Neos.Neos:Content) {
    @process.prependAnchor = CodeQ.JumpMarkers:AnchorWrapper

3. Render the jump marker navigation

Here's an example of how to render a jump marker navigation

prototype(YOUR.Site:Integration.Organism.HashMenu) < prototype(Neos.Fusion:Component) {
    items = Neos.Fusion:Map {
        items = ${q(documentNode).children('main').children('[instanceof CodeQ.JumpMarkers:Mixin.SectionConfiguration][jumpMarkerTitle][jumpMarkerTitle!=""][_hidden != TRUE]').get()}
        itemName = 'node'
        itemRenderer = CodeQ.Link:Link {
            link = CodeQ.JumpMarkers:NodeAnchorId {
                node = ${node}
                @process.wrap = ${'#' + value}
            label = ${q(node).property('jumpMarkerTitle')}

    renderer = afx`
        <ul class="hash-menu" @if.hasMultiple={Array.length(props.items) > 1}>
            <Neos.Fusion:Loop items={props.items} itemName="item" @children="itemRenderer">
                <li @if.hasName={String.trim(item.label)}>
                    <CodeQ.Link:Tag linkSource={item}>

4. Usage for editors

Jump markers

Enable the jump marker for the content NodeType you want to render in the jump marker navigation by setting a title and optionally a manual anchor id.

Permalinks to content nodes

Choose some content node that you would like to link to, and fill in the sectionId property in the inspector.

After that you will see a button appear below the field to copy the link to this node to the clipboard.

When you click that button, the link to the given node will be copied to the clipboard. Paste it in the "insert link" field in Aloha editor, and you are done!

Update from v1.0

The property names have changes and some fallbacks were removed, so an automatic migration is not appled. CodeQ.JumpMarkers:Mixin.SectionConfiguration.DefaultDisabled was removed, includeInHashMenu was removed, hashMenuTitle was renamed to jumpMarkerTitle.


This package is heavily inspired by Flownative.Anchorlinks v1.2.0 with a lot of code copy-pasted, but with a different purpose. Thanks a lot to Flownative for their package!