Extension to the deployer.base package that adds a system to define and run stable command line commands

1.0.0 2022-02-05 22:20 UTC

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Last update: 2022-05-06 00:24:58 UTC


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What is it?

This package provides basic functionality for command line tasks and service handling.


Easiest way is via composer. Just run composer require codenamephp/deployer.command in your cli which should install the latest version for you.



This package provides a \de\codenamephp\deployer\command\runner\iRunner that abstracts running of commands. The default implementation \de\codenamephp\deployer\command\runner\WithDeployerFunctions - as the name suggests - uses the Deployer\run() method to run commands.

The \de\codenamephp\deployer\command\iCommand interface is designed to just get a command string along with a \de\codenamephp\deployer\command\runConfiguration\iRunConfiguration that holds the options like timeouts etc. to run the command with. The default \de\codenamephp\deployer\command\Command provides a simple API to build a command. Recommended usage is to create a Factory to build a command with the binary, arguments etc. This factory can then be used in tasks to build the command and the runner to run it.


There is a \de\codenamephp\deployer\command\service\iService interface that is intended to manage service with \de\codenamephp\deployer\command\service\Service and \de\codenamephp\deployer\command\service\Systemctl to manage debian services.