Craft CMS plugin to add a radio buttons field, customizable with CSS classes, icons, images and text.

1.0.1 2019-09-15 11:28 UTC



A field type that add customizable radio buttons to Craft CMS.


Pictures say more than many words. With this plugin you can add radio buttons as fields, which can be images, icons, CSS classes, texts or a combination of them.


  • Craft CMS >= 3.0.0


Open your terminal and go to your Craft project:

cd /path/to/project
composer require codemonauts/craft-customizable-radio-buttons-field

In the control panel, go to Settings → Plugins and click the “install” button for Customizable radio buttons field.


Copy the config.php to your config folder as buttons.php. Then add button groups like this:


return [
  'cssFile' => '@config/path/to/my.css', // optional path to a local CSS file. This will be automatically published.
  'cssUrl' => '' // Optional URL to an external CSS.
  'buttonGroups' => [
    'myhandle' => [
      'name' => 'My awesome buttons', // The name in the field's configuration dialog.
      'buttons' => [
        'handle-button-1' => [
          'image' => '@buttonsAssets/myimage.jpg', // Optional Image, overwrites 'label'.
          'title' => 'My button 1', // Title and Alt Attributes.
          'value' => 'myvalue', // The value to store (string)
          'class' => 'myclass', // Optional class(es) to add to the button.
          'label' => 'abc', // The button's text, will be overwritten when an image is set.
        'handle-button-2' => [
          // ...
        // ...
      // ...

You can have multiple button groups. They all share the same CSS file or CSS URL you can configure. See the examples.

With ❤ by codemonauts