A tool to manipulate PHP statements in scriptfiles

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JuggleCode is a tool to manipulate PHP statements in scriptfiles.


JuggleCode can:

  • Join multiple PHP files into a single outfile
  • Remove comments from PHP files
  • Oppress or replace function and method calls in PHP scripts


JuggleCode always expects a PHP script as input. The output is redirected to stdout per default, but can get captured to a file.

Example: the two files file1.php and file2.php form a PHP application and should get distributed in one file only (with the name app.php).


# file1.php:
echo 'File 1',PHP_EOL;


# file2.php:
echo 'File 2',PHP_EOL;

To combine these two files into app.php, a short PHP scripts needs to be written:


$j = new JuggleCode();
$j->masterfile = 'file1.php';
$j->outfile = 'app.php';
$j->mergeScripts = true;

The first three lines of the above script can get combined to:

$j = new JuggleCode('file1.php', 'app.php');

The result of the merging-process will look like this:

# file1.php:
echo 'File 1',PHP_EOL;
# file2.php:
echo 'File 2',PHP_EOL;

Be aware that -- when $mergeScripts is enabled -- only scripts that are identified as PHP-scripts (by their extension) are merged into the outfile! Files with the extension .inc are not merged.

It is also possible to merge only specific files. Imagine the following script.php:

# ...

To only join script.php with lib.php, run:

$j = new JuggleCode();
$j->masterfile = 'script.php';
$j->outfile = 'app.php';

The output would be:

# Contents of lib.php
# ...
# ...

Dynamic inclusion of files is left intact, even if mergeScripts is enabled:

# This will not change:
$file = 'somedata';
require($file . '.txt');

To disable comments in the output, use:

$j->comments = false;

Oppress function- and method-calls:

$j->oppressFunctionCall('str_replace'); # Oppress all calls to str_replace
$j->oppressMethodCall('$foo', 'foo'); # Oppress all calls to $foo->foo()
$j->oppressMethodCall('Foo', 'foo'); # Oppress all calls to Foo::foo()

Replace function- and method-calls:

# Replace all calls to str_replace with str_ireplace:
$j->replaceFunctionCall('str_replace', 'str_ireplace(%args%)');

# Replace all calls to $foo->foo() with foo():
$j->replaceMethodCall('$foo', 'foo', 'foo(%args%)');


JuggleCode is easily installed using Packagist/Composer.

Ideas for using JuggleCode

  • Deploying PHP applications in a single file and in different versions: one version with included debugging features, the other version without

Ideas for improving JuggleCode

  • Allow the creation of single-file PHP patch-scripts that can overwrite PHP statements in one or multiple other PHP files
  • Oppressing or replacing the body of function or method definitions (replaceMethodBody, replaceFunctionBody)
  • Improve the code by seperating the JuggleCode class into multiple classes, e.g one for methods, one for functions, asf.
  • Convert JuggleCode to a PHP extension (see PHP Preprocessors like and
  • Find empty functions and methods; automatically oppress definitions of those and also the calls
  • Generate templateable scripts from a non-templateable PHP scriptfile

Alternatives to JuggleCode

Credits and Bugreports

JuggleCode was written by Codeless ( All bugreports can be directed to Even better, bugreports are posted on the github-repository of this package: JuggleCode would not have been possible if there isn't nikic's PHP-Parser package:


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License: