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Instant Logger for PHP

dev-master 2017-08-24 15:15 UTC


Using this class it is possible to create a simple log file or log (info, warning, error, exception) at runtime.


  • Log instant and print a JSON string (Debug mode enabled)
  • Store Logs in custom folder and files
  • Divide logs for datetime format, you can create a log file everyday or every second, all organized by time format


In order to use SimpleLogger you just need to download the repository, put into the root of you project then:

    require_once "SimpleLogger/SimpleLoader.php";
    use SimpleLogger\Simple as Simple;


In SimpleConfigs.php you can edit the following variables:


    	 *  Log folder name
    	const LOG_FILE_FOLDER = "simple_log";
    	 *  Log file extension
    	const LOG_FILE_FORMAT = ".log";
    	 *  Date format of the log file name
    	 *  @important this will be part of the file name, take care of the "/" and "."
    	const LOG_FILE_DATE_FORMAT = "Y_m_d";
    	 *  Date format in the log details
    	const LOG_DATE_FORMAT = "Y/m/d H:i:s";
    	 *  Timezone for the log
    	const LOG_TIMEZONE = "UTC";
    	 * Debug mode enabled
    	 * @default true
    	const LOG_IS_DEBUG = true;
    	 *  Custom empty var message
    	const LOG_DEFAULT_NO_MESSAGE = "No message";
    	 * Custom empty var message
    	const LOG_DEFAULT_NO_PARAMETERS = "No parameters";
    	 *  String to define log type INFO
    	const LOG_TYPE_INFO = "INFO";
    	 * String to define log type WARNING
    	 *  String to define log type ERROR
    	const LOG_TYPE_ERROR = "ERROR";
    	 *  String to define log type EXCEPTION

Basic Usage

    $log = Simple::logger();
    //Info log with custom message, optional string parameter and the file where the log function is called
    $log->info( "Info Message" , "Optional param" , __FILE__ );
    //Error log with custom message and optional array parameter
    $log->error( "Error Message" , array ( "optional_params" => "value" ) );
    //Warning log with custom message, optional array parameter and the file where the log function is called and the optional method
    $log->warning( "Warning Message" , array ( "key" => "value" ) , __FILE__ , __METHOD__ );
    //Exception log based on standard exception class
    try {
    	throw new Exception( "Dummy Exception" );
    } catch ( Exception $exception ) {
    	$log->exception( $exception , __METHOD__ );
    //Returns the instance log array


If you enable debug mode you can see an instant JSON log printed on screen like this

                                    "time": "2017\/02\/23 14:46:43",
                                    "type": "ERROR",
                                    "filename": null,
                                    "method": null,
                                    "message": "Error Message",
                                    "params": {
                                        "optional_params": "value"

You can also see the log in the "simple_log" folder created automatically and will be like this:

    			======================= START ======================= 
                                    Type: ERROR
                                    Time: 2017/02/23 14:46:43
                                    Message: Error Message
                                    Params: {
                                        "optional_params": "value"
    			======================= END ==========================

##Example You can use this example to understand how SimpleLogger works