CodeIgniter extensions and rules for PHPStan

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v1.4.3.70400 2023-12-21 05:10 UTC


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This extension provides the following features:

Type Inference

  • Provides precise return types for config() and model() functions.
  • Provides precise return types for service() and single_service() functions.
  • Provides precise return types for fake() helper function.
  • Provides precise return types for CodeIgniter\Model's find(), findAll(), and first() methods.
  • Allows dynamic return type transformation of CodeIgniter\Model when asArray() or asObject() is called.


  • Checks if the string argument passed to config() or model() function is a valid class string extending CodeIgniter\Config\BaseConfig or CodeIgniter\Model, respectively. This can be turned off by setting codeigniter.checkArgumentTypeOfFactories: false in your phpstan.neon. For fine-grained control, you can individually choose which factory function to disable using codeigniter.checkArgumentTypeOfConfig and codeigniter.checkArgumentTypeOfModel. NOTE: Setting codeigniter.checkArgumentTypeOfFactories: false will effectively bypass the two specific options.
  • Checks if the string argument passed to service() or single_service() function is a valid service name. This can be turned off by setting codeigniter.checkArgumentTypeOfServices: false in your phpstan.neon.
  • Disallows instantiating cache handlers using new and suggests to use the CacheFactory class instead.
  • Disallows instantiating FrameworkException classes using new.
  • Disallows direct re-assignment or access of $_SERVER and $_GET and suggests to use the Superglobals class instead.
  • Disallows use of ::class fetch on config() and model() and suggests to use the short form of the class instead.


To use this extension, require it in Composer:

composer require --dev codeigniter/phpstan-codeigniter

If you also install phpstan/extension-installer then you're all set!

Manual installation

If you don't want to use phpstan/extension-installer, include extension.neon in your project's PHPStan config:

    - vendor/codeigniter/phpstan-codeigniter/extension.neon

Development in this repository uses PHP 8.1+.

Starting v1.1.0, releases come with a downgraded version to suit lower PHP versions. Currently, lowest supported downgraded PHP version is PHP 7.4.


This extension adds the default namespace for config() and model() functions as Config\ and App\Models\, respectively, when searching for possible classes. If your application uses other namespaces, you can configure this extension in your phpstan.neon to recognize those namespaces:

      - Acme\Blog\Config\
      - Foo\Bar\Config\
      - Acme\Blog\Models\

For the service() and single_service() functions, you can instruct PHPStan to consider your own services factory classes. Please note that it should be a valid class extending CodeIgniter\Config\BaseService!

      - Acme\Blog\Config\ServiceFactory

When the model passed to fake() has the property $returnType set to array, this extension will give a precise array shape based on the allowed fields of the model. Most of the time, the formatted fields are strings. If not a string, you can indicate the format return type for the particular field.

    notStringFormattedFields: # key-value pair of field => format
      success: bool
      user_id: int


  1. The behavior of factories functions relative to how they load classes is based on codeigniter4/framework v4.4. If you are relying on the behavior of < v4.4, this may not work out for you.


Any contributions are welcome.

If you want to see a new rule or extension specific to CodeIgniter, please open a feature request. If you can contribute the code yourself, please open a pull request instead.

Before reporting any bugs, please check if the bug occurs only if using this extension with PHPStan. If the bug is reproducible in PHPStan alone, please open a bug report there instead. Thank you!


PHPStan CodeIgniter is an open source library licensed under MIT.