Instagram bundle for Contao Open Source CMS

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2.0.0 2019-11-27 12:35 UTC


Instagram is a bundle for the Contao Open Source CMS.

Contao bundle that allows to display the Instagram recent user feed on your website. It allows to specify you the number of items displayed and comes up with a simple cache system.

Note: the bundle requires an Instagram account and Facebook App to work!

! Important note !

Right now Instagram and Facebook offer only 1-hour access tokens. That means your feed on the website will not update automatically. In order to update the feed, you will have to go to the module settings, check the Request access token and update feed checkbox and save the module.

You can track the issue progress here:


Install the bundle via Composer:

composer require codefog/contao-instagram


Read the documentation


This project has been created and is maintained by Codefog.