Simple integration with Goalserve API for Laravel

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Simple integration with GoalServe API for Laravel.

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To install this package through composer run the following command in the terminal

composer require codebuglab/laravel-goalserve


You have to publish config file with this artisan command:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="CodeBugLab\GoalServe\GoalServeServiceProvider"
  • File goalserve.php will be publish in config folder after that.
  • Then you have to put your goalserve api key in your env file like this GOALSERVE_API_KEY=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
  • The default language of api response is en,If the returned data from the API should be in another language, set the GOALSERVE_API_LANGUAGE key in your env, eg. like this: GOALSERVE_API_LANGUAGE=ar.


  • You will find full documentation for this package in the wiki link.


To run test use this command ./vendor/bin/pest


This package is a free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license, Please see License File for more information.