Enum helper, that will help you to define Enum types easily by defining just constants.

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This package provides you a class named Enum. It is designed to help you to structure your Enum classes easily and get rid of the most boilerplate code.



Install via composer:

composer require codebot/phpenum

How to use

All your Enum classes should extend the abstract Enum class. All constants in your class, which extends Enum, will be converted to enum options.


namespace App;

use Enum\Enum;

class Status extends Enum
    const ACTIVE   = 'active';
    const INACTIVE = 'inactive';
    const BLOCKED  = 'blocked';

$status = new Status();

$status->toArray(); // will return [ 'active' => 'active', 'inactive' => 'inactive', 'blocked' => 'blocked' ]
$status->hasValue('active'); // will return boolean
$status->hasKey('blocked'); // will return boolean

Enum constructor has 2 parameters: $caseLower=true and $caseUpper=false.

If you want the case of array keys to be same as constants case - pass false as $caseLower.

$status = new Status(false);

If you want the case of array keys to be uppercase - pass false as $caseLower and true as $caseUpper.

$status = new Status(false, true);