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A super slim PHP framework for rapid development.


  • 25-Dec-2016: Updated html-helper docblocks. Updated html-helper functions for get, post, session, cookie retrieval to include the ability to pass default values. Added getParameter() function to html-helper to retrieve only $_GET or $_POST vals
  • 15-Nov-2016: Updated ConfigLoader to have time constants, and make sure whoops exists prior to failure
  • 01-Nov-2016: Updated EventLogger to accept an override param which disables check to see if record exists, updated template files to initialize parent constructor when extending Control
  • 12-Oct-2016: Updated Paginate::getUIPagination to allow output with limited number of page links
  • 1.1.1, 31-Aug-2016: Added ability to use closures in add_output method
  • 1.1.1, 04-Jul-2016: Updated Dotenv env. handling
  • 1.1, 30-Jun-2016: Added Dotenv for environmental variable usage for security