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v0.6.2 2022-10-21 07:28 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-21 10:54:13 UTC


A plugin to facilitate a PHP monorepo approach, auto-requiring local repositories for you


Using it in the root project

composer require cnastasi/monorepo-plugin

Using it in a submodule

composer require cnastasi/monorepo-plugin --dev

Inside the composer.json add this:

"extra": {
    "monorepo_paths": [

or, for retrocompatibility, this:

"extra": {
    "monorepo_path": "relative/path/where/the/modules/are/located"

Both ways are possible, but it is not recommended


When you work with a mono repo in php, and you code is split in many packages required through composer, more packages you've got, more complexity you get.

In fact, for every package you have to explicitly add a path repository, both for direct and undirect dependencies.

In order to help, this plugin will add for you all the dependencies path repositories, scanning al the directories inside a specific folder.

By convention, the folder structure expected is the following one

 + root
 +- module1
 |  +- composer.json
 |  +- ...
 +- module2
    +- composer.json
    +- ...
NOTE: This is still a beta, use it at your own risk