The core module for CMSGears based projects. It's required for all the projects using CMSGears.

1.0.0-alpha7 2019-02-27 05:00 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-07-01 16:19:10 UTC


Project - CMSGears (

Module - Core

License - GPLv3 (

Description - The core module for CMSGears based projects. It's required for all the projects using CMSGears.

Highlighted Features

  1. User management to manage users. Admin can add or update users from the admin control panel.
  2. RBAC to manage roles and permissions. Assign roles to users and restrict users to perform actions based on permissions assigned to their respective role. Groups can be formed to assign multiple roles and permissions.
  3. User registration, login, forgot password, reset password, confirm account, activate account.
  4. User profile allows users to update avatar and account information.
  5. Model traits to associate additional features to models. The model traits provided by core module include address, category, file, meta, tag, gallery and comment. A model can have one more entry based on trait nature.
  6. Reminders can be used to set various type of reminders based on project needs.
  7. Notifications can be used to notify users personally about required updates.
  8. The categories can be maintained in either flat or hierarchichal fashion.
  9. Category options can be set for each category to form drop downs, radio group, multiple choice.
  10. Database based localisation can be used to store custom messages in various languages supperted by the project.
  11. Activity log can be maintained for Users.
  12. Admin can manage site resources including settings, users, galleries, newsletters and mailing lists.
  13. Multisite support is also available within core module.
  14. Templates can be used for various models like Notifications, Reminders, Activities.

Notes: The detailed description for each feature can be found at