Allows to select multiple alternative files for a sys_file_reference.

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1.0.1 2016-08-25 13:07 UTC

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Last update: 2023-05-29 00:36:05 UTC


This is a TYPO3 extension that allows an editor to select further files as alternative for references.

When do I need this extension?

Imagine you want to have a different crop setting of an image or even completely different images for an image when outputting the frontend.

The extension adds an additional field to select alternative images and set them with a tag, so it can be reused in the frontend.

Also, there is a Fluid ViewHelper to use the functionality directly.

How to install this extension?

You can set this up via composer (composer require cmsexperts/responsiveimages) or via TER (extension name "responsiveimages"), it runs with TYPO3 v7 and TYPO3 v8.


The extension is licensed under GPL v2+, same as the TYPO3 Core.

For details see LICENSE.txt in this repository.


  • Initial development: Benni Mack
  • sponsored by b:dreizehn, Germany (