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PHP class for interacting with the WHMCS API.

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v3.5 2016-01-01 17:39 UTC


This is a simple class which allows you to interact with the WHMCS API using PHP.


This is now available via composer, and can be included by creating a file called composer.json in the root with the contents:

    "name": "you/yourappname",
    "description": "Your app description",
    "version": "1.0",
    "homepage": "http://www.yoursite.tld",
    "require": {
       "cmantito/whmcs-php": "dev-master"

Then you can run 'composer install' to install it, assuming you've installed composer. See for info. Alternatively, check out the repository and include whmcs.class.php if you do not use composer.


$whmcs = new WHMCS('', 'api-user', 'password', 'optional-access-key');

The URL should point to your WHMCS install's api.php file (usually in includes/). api-user is the username of the WHMCS administrator the API will be using, and password should be that user's password. If you are using the API access key instead of IP-filtering with WHMCS, specify the access key as well (optional-access-key), otherwise, leave it off/null. (For more information about the access key, see


Functions will return a PHP stdClass object with the results retrieved from WHMCS, unless an error is encountered. If WHMCS returns an error, a WhmcsException will be thrown; If CURL encounters an issue connecting (resolution errors, 404, etc), a standard Exception will be thrown. In most cases, WHMCS treats no results as an error condition itself, which will throw a WhmcsException; WHMCS is not very consistent however, so this may not always be the case :o)


�This is mostly being developed inline with a project for CCPG Solutions ( - thank me, buy hosting! :) As a result most of the functionality is being implemented in the order I need it, which is not necessarily this order:

  • Client Management: update domain, upgrade product, send email.

Down the line:

  • Client Management: Add/update/delete/get contacts.


  • Support tickets. WHMCS's excuse for support tickets is terrible, and you shouldn't use it. No one should. 0:)

~ Kay (cmantito), // CCPG Solutions,