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4.4.0 2020-06-30 08:40 UTC

README is a international tech-startup based in Copenhagen targeting the eCommerce industry. We help webshops sell more through an intelligent search function and targeted product recommendations.

This extension replaces the default search functionality in Magento with a typo-tolerant, fast & relevant search experience and enables product recommendations.

See features and benefits of for Magento.

Latest version Magento 1.9.x.x PHP >= 5.3


To setup this module, you'll need an Clerk account.

  1. Contact Clerk and get your credentials for
  2. Download the latest packaged Community Extension from the releases folder.
  3. Install it on your Magento instance through magento connect, you have to relogin after install.
  4. Configure module, to your needs, find help at for Magento.

Contribute to the Extension

Everybody is welcome to contribute to this extension. Just send a pull request with your changes ;)

There is a docker dev environment available,


The easiest way to setup your development environment is to use Docker. If you're a Mac user, use Docker for Mac to run Docker containers.

Setup the Docker instance

Just run the following script to setup a running Magento 1.9.2 instance with some sample data & the Clerk extension installed:

$ ./dev/ -b http://`docker ip`/
$ # The default value for -b is

Administration panel

Administration login is admin with password magentorocks1 and you can access it from http://[docker ip]/admin.


A phpMyAdmin instance is available from http://[docker ip]/phpmyadmin


You can execute a shell inside the container with the following command:

$ docker exec -i -t clerk-magento /bin/bash