PDF File Merger for PHP5

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Composer Compatible

I've just forked this package to make it compatible with composer

To install add this line to your composer.json

"clegginabox/pdf-merger": "dev-master"


composer require clegginabox/pdf-merger:dev-master

Example Usage

$pdf = new \Clegginabox\PDFMerger\PDFMerger;

$pdf->addPDF('samplepdfs/one.pdf', '1, 3, 4');
$pdf->addPDF('samplepdfs/two.pdf', '1-2');
$pdf->addPDF('samplepdfs/three.pdf', 'all');

//You can optionally specify a different orientation for each PDF
$pdf->addPDF('samplepdfs/one.pdf', '1, 3, 4', 'L');
$pdf->addPDF('samplepdfs/two.pdf', '1-2', 'P');

$pdf->merge('file', 'samplepdfs/TEST2.pdf', 'P');

// REPLACE 'file' WITH 'browser', 'download', 'string', or 'file' for output options
// Last parameter is for orientation (P for protrait, L for Landscape). 
// This will be used for every PDF that doesn't have an orientation specified