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Civil Services Logo

Civil Services is a collection of tools that make it possible for citizens to be a part of what is happening in their Local, State & Federal Governments.

API Client for Laravel 5

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This is an API Client for our Civil Services API. Please see our API Documentation for details on what options are available for Each Endpoint.


Step 1: Install Through Composer

Our Service Provider can be installed via Composer by either installing through composer:

composer require civilservices/api-client-laravel

or requiring the civilservices/api-client-laravel package in your project's composer.json.

    "require": {
        "civilservices/api-client-laravel": "~1.0"

Then run a composer update:

composer update

Step 2: Add the Service Provider

Add the service provider in app/config/app.php

'providers' => array(
    // ...

Step 3: Add the Facade

Add the alias in app/config/app.php

'aliases' => [
    // ...
    'CivilServices' => CivilServices\Api\Facades\CivilServices::class,


By default, the package uses the following environment variables to auto-configure the plugin without modification:


To customize the configuration file, publish the package configuration using Artisan.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="CivilServices\Api\ApiServiceProvider"

Update your settings in the generated app/config/civilservices.php configuration file.

return [
    'api_base' => env('CIVIL_SERVICES_API_BASE', ''),
    'api_key' => env('CIVIL_SERVICES_API_KEY', 'YOUR_API_KEY'),
    'api_version' => env('CIVIL_SERVICES_API_VERSION', 'v1'),
    'cache_expire' => env('CIVIL_SERVICES_CACHE_EXPIRE', 3600),

If you need an API Key, you can request one here:

Examples & API Doc Links

City Council

use CivilServices;

// Get City Council for the city and state of New York, NY
$city_council = CivilServices::getCityCouncil('NY', 'New York');

// Search all City Council's in the USA for Female African American's
$city_council = CivilServices::searchCityCouncil([
    'gender' => 'female', 
    'ethnicity' => 'african-american'


 use CivilServices;
// Get Geolocation Data for Zip Code 10004
 $zipcode = CivilServices::getGeolocationZipcode('10004');
// Get Geolocation Data for IP Address
$ipaddress = CivilServices::getGeolocationIP('');

// Search all Geolocation Data in the USA with a minimum population of 1,000,000 people
$geolocation = CivilServices::searchGeolocation([
    'minPopulation' => 1000000


use CivilServices;

// Get Government Data for Specific GPS Location
$geolocation = CivilServices::searchGovernment([
    'latitude' => 27.782805,
    'longitude' => -82.63314


use CivilServices;

// Search all House of Representatives's for Female African American's
$house = CivilServices::searchHouse([
    'gender' => 'female',
    'ethnicity' => 'african-american'


use CivilServices;

// Get Legislators for Specific GPS Location
$legislators = CivilServices::searchLegislators([
    'latitude' => 27.782805,
    'longitude' => -82.63314


use CivilServices;

// Search all Senators's for Female African American's
$senate = CivilServices::searchSenate([
    'gender' => 'female',
    'ethnicity' => 'african-american'


use CivilServices;

// Get information about New York
$state = CivilServices::getState('NY');

// Search all US States with a minimum population of 1,000,000 people
$state = CivilServices::searchStates([
    'minPopulation' => 1000000


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