This Laravel Nova package allows you to reorder models in a Nova resource's index view using drag & drop.

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This package is forked from optimistdigital/nova-sortable. The difference is that the edit buttons are on the left side instead of the right side.


  • php: >=7.3
  • laravel/nova: ^3.0


Install the package in a Laravel Nova project via Composer:

# Install package
composer require cierrateam/nova-sortable


Create migration

Add an order field to the model using Laravel migrations:

// Add order column to the model
Schema::table('some_model', function (Blueprint $table) {

// Set default sort order (just copy ID to sort order)
DB::statement('UPDATE some_model SET sort_order = id');

Implement eloquent-sortable

Implement the Spatie's eloquent-sortable interface and apply the trait:

use Spatie\EloquentSortable\Sortable;
use Spatie\EloquentSortable\SortableTrait;

class SomeModel extends Eloquent implements Sortable
  use SortableTrait;

  public $sortable = [
    'order_column_name' => 'sort_order',
    'sort_when_creating' => true,


When the model does not have a sortable configuration, the default eloquent-sortable configuration will be used.

Apply HasSortableRows to Nova resource

Apply HasSortableRows trait from this package on the Resource:

use Cierrateam\NovaSortable\Traits\HasSortableRows;

class MyResource extends Resource
  use HasSortableRows;


NB! This overrides the indexQuery() method.

Disallowing sorting on a per-request/resource basis

You can disable sorting on a per-request or per-resource basis by overriding the canSort() on the Resource method like so:

public static function canSort(NovaRequest $request, $resource)
  // Do whatever here, ie:
  // return user()->isAdmin();
  // return $resource->id !== 5;
  return true;

Sorting on HasMany relationship

NB! The resource can only be sorted on either the Index view or the HasMany list view, but not both!

Sorting on HasMany is simple. Add 'sort_on_has_many' => true to the $sortable array on the model. Like so:

public $sortable = [
  'order_column_name' => 'sort_order',
  'sort_when_creating' => true,
  'sort_on_has_many' => true,

The sort on has many configuration can be apply in a per model basis or it can be added in the eloquent-sortable configuration for all the models.

return [

    // Spatie sortable configuration

     * Add sort on has many in all the models.
    'sort_on_has_many' => true,

Sorting on ManyToMany relationships

Sorting on BelongsToMany and MorphToMany relationships is available, but requires special steps.

See the documentation here: Sorting ManyToMany relationships (w/ pivot table).


The translation file(s) can be published by using the following publish command:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Cierrateam\NovaSortable\ToolServiceProvider" --tag="translations"

You can add your translations to resources/lang/vendor/nova-sortable/ by creating a new translations file with the locale name (ie et.json) and copying the JSON from the existing en.json.



Nova Sortable is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.