v1.0.0 2017-02-23 20:33 UTC


A DSL for mocking dependencies on PHP unit tests


  • Acts like a mini IoC container for your unit tests.
  • Automatically creates mocks for your class' dependencies.
  • Supports injecting dependencies through the constructor and methods.
  • Provides a DSL on top of Mockery for quickly mocking dependencies.
  • You can provide real/non-mock instances and scalar arguments.
  • Works with Laravel!


  • PHP 7 or higher.
  • Composer


Run composer require chromabits/mockingbird on a Composer project.

Quick Example:


include_once __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';

// Mockingbird is available as a set of functions, which you can import into
// your current scope.
use function Mockingbird\{ stage, on };

// We begin by defining the classes which will act as our dependencies for this
// example.
class DependencyA {
    private $prefix;

    public function __construct(string $prefix)
        $this->prefix = $prefix;

    public function getPrefix(): string { return $this->prefix; }
class DependencyB {};
class DependencyC {
    public function sayWorld(string $postfix): string {
        return 'world' . $postfix;

// We also define our service class which will consume these dependencies
// through constructor-based and method-based dependency injection.
class Service {
     * @var DependencyA
    private $a;

    public function __construct(DependencyA $a, DependencyB $b) {
        $this->a = $a;

    public function targetMethod(DependencyC $c): string
        return $this->a->getPrefix() . 'hello ' . $c->sayWorld('!');

// Our Service class has three dependencies, two services injected through the
// constructor and one passed on the called method. We will build a stage that
// provides them for us:
// - DependencyA: We will pass down a real instance (not a mock).
// - DependencyB: We will let Stage auto-mock it for us.
// - DependencyC: We will manually create our own mock.
$result = stage()
    ->provide(new DependencyA('>>> '))
    ->mock(DependencyC::class, [
        on('sayWorld', ['!'], 'worlds!!!'),
    ->makeAndCall(Service::class, 'targetMethod');

// Should output ">>> hello worlds!!!"
echo $result;