TYPO3 CMS Distribution with TYPO3-Console and Surf support

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-07-10 18:29:33 UTC


This is the base to start of new project. If you like local development and docker, so you can use ddev with this distribution. Only a little manuel step are need to start with the new project.

1. Requirement of your local machine

  • Windows 10 Pro, macOs Sierra or higher, Linux
  • ddev version 1.3 or higher
  • Git

2. Preparations

  1. Create an repository (e.g. on github, bitbucket, gitlab or what you like)
  2. You need ssh access to the repository

3. Setup your project

  1. git clone <project-name>
  2. Set an project name in /.ddev/config.yaml on line 2. This name would be part of your local development URI
  3. Open your console (shell) and got to your project folder
  4. Type ddev start to start ddev

3.1 TYPO3 login data for local development

  • Username: admin
  • Password: password
  • Install-Tool: joh316

3.2 Little tips with ddev

  • start local development with ddev start
  • stop local development with ddev stop
  • destory docker container with ddev remove -R (This command will destroy both the containers and the imported database contents.)
  • for more information about ddev cli have a look into Ddev - Using CLI

3.3 Using typo3reverse

typo3reverse is a project to get all data (database and files) from a remote server. If you have an existing project setup the config-file under /.reverse/. And if you need an sync of database and file an ddev start, uncomment the line 30 in /build/initialize/ Now you could start you project with ddev start and typo3reverse get all data from remote server.

4. Help supporting further development

How? There are multiple ways to support the further development