DF framework forked to enable newer module versions, as geolocation 2.x, to leave Google Maps..

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Demo Framework is a distribution consisting of modules, themes and libraries. It highlights powerful features created by the Drupal community. It is intended to be used as a starterkit for promoting enterprise-ready solutions.

Demo Framework is powered by Lightning.

Installing Demo Framework

The preferred way to install Demo Framework is using our Composer-based project template. It's easy!

If you don't want to use Composer, you can install Demo Framework the traditional way by downloading a tarball from our drupal.org project page.

Before installing Demo Framework via drupal.org or after building it from scratch using Drush Make, you must download a small number of PHP libraries that cannot currently be packaged automatically due to limitations with both drupal.org and Drush.

composer require "commerceguys/intl: ~0.7" "commerceguys/addressing: ~1.0" "commerceguys/zone: ~1.0" "embed/embed: ~2.2"

A build script is also provided that wraps the composer install command and moves everything into a target directory as well.

./build.sh ~/Destination

You can add in commands for composer here. We suggest using the --no-dev option unless you want to run behat and have DF manage your version of Drush used on the site.

./build.sh ~/Destination --no-dev

At this point, you will need to prepare your settings.php file just as you would for a normal Drupal install.

We recommend Acquia Dev Desktop running PHP 5_6 and using the Import local Drupal site... function.

Now use the site-install command to install Drupal with the DF installation profile.

drush si df

Enable a DF Scenario using the enable-scenario command.

drush es dfs_tec

If everything worked correctly, you should see console output that some migrations ran.

You may now login to your site.

drush uli -l http://mysite.dd

You may also reset the content of a DF Scenario if it is enabled.

drush rs dfs_tec

Deploying Demo Framework using version control

If you are using version control to deploy the Demo Framework to a server (such as Acquia Cloud), note that you must edit the file /profiles/df/.gitignore and remove the following lines:

# Contrib

# Libraries

If you do not do so, you will see an error in the installation referring to missing modules.

Acquia Cloud

If you are using Demo Framework's dev branch and wish to deploy to Acquia Cloud, you must change the drush version ot 8.1.15 -- we will update/remove this requirement whenever possible.

composer require "drush/drush 8.1.15"

Using the Zurb Foundation Sub Theme

To motify the CSS/JS you must use the scss files. You will find various different SCSS files in SCSS directory that root. There are specifc ones for the theme in base & layout. All the variables are set in _settings.scss, you will also be able to override variables there.

To compile scss you will need a few things installed on your machine:

Then you will need to run:

  • npm install
  • bower install

if you need to update the vendor js, I added in some gulp files that make that easy.

  • gulp copy will copy the bower_component files for zurb and motion ui
  • gulp concat will concatenate all the files into a single vendor.all.js file and put it in your js/ folder where its already being called by drupal

Once that is installed, start the gulp file which will watch for scss changes:

  • npm start

Running Tests

These instructions assume you have used Composer to install Lightning. Once you have it up and running, follow these steps to execute all of Lightning's Behat tests:


$ ./bin/drupal behat:init http://YOUR.DF.SITE --merge=../docroot/profiles/df/tests/behat.yml
$ ./bin/drupal behat:include ../docroot/profiles/df/tests/features --with-subcontexts=../docroot/profiles/df/tests/features/bootstrap --with-subcontexts=../docroot/profiles/df/src/DFExtension/Context --with-subcontexts=../docroot/profiles/lightning/src/LightningExtension/Context
$ ./bin/behat --config ./docroot/sites/default/files/behat.yml

If necessary, you can edit docroot/sites/default/files/behat.yml to match your environment, but generally you will not need to do this.


Please file issues in our drupal.org issue queue.