Converts markdown files to static html pages

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Converts markdown files to static html pages. See demo (I used it to document another project of mine).


Use composer to install the latest version: composer require --dev christianblos/markdown2html

Create html via command line

First, you must configure markdown2html by adding a markdown2html.config.php file to the root folder of your repository:

$theme        = new Markdown2Html\Theme\DefaultTheme();
$theme->title = 'My Project';

$config = new \Markdown2Html\Config();

$config->src   = '/path/to/markdown-files';
$config->dest  = '/path/to/destination-folder'; 
$config->theme = $theme;

return $config;

Now you can execute vendor/bin/markdown2html to create the html files in your destination folder

Note: If your config file is not in the root folder of your project, you can pass it as first argument: vendor/bin/markdown2html /path/to/config.php

Create html via code

Maybe you have your own command line tool and you want to use PHP code directly to generate the html files. This is no problem:

$src   = '/path/to/markdown-files';
$dest  = '/path/to/destination-folder'; 

$theme        = new Markdown2Html\Theme\DefaultTheme();
$theme->title = 'My Project';

$builder = new Markdown2Html\Builder();
$builder->build($src, $dest, $theme);

Structure of Markdown files

The navigation in the generated html is based on your folder structure. Let's assume you have the following file structure:

   |- 02.Usage
   |     |-
   |     |-

The number prefix (like "01.") indicates the order of navigation items. You can omit it if the order doesn't matter.

All dashes are replaced with spaces ("Via-PHP" → "Via PHP"). If you want to have dashes in the navigation, use 2 or 3 dashes:

  • "" → "Via command-line"
  • "" → "Via command - line"

If there is a file having the same name as a folder (like 02.Usage and, it will be the index page of this folder. If you don't have the file, the index will be created automatically and contain a sub navigation.

The content of contains the text of the html index page.

In the example above the generated navigation will look like this:

   Via command-line
   Via PHP

Default Theme

The DefaultTheme has some additional configurations you can use:

$theme                = new Markdown2Html\Theme\DefaultTheme();

// Add additional links to the navigation
$theme->naviLinks = [
    'Github' => ''

// overwrite styles
$theme->additionalCss = 'a#header {background-color:red}';