Laravel 5 frontend preset for Twitter Bootstrap 4

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A Laravel frontend preset for Bootstrap 4 (Beta), the next major version of Bootstrap.

Current version: ^4.0.0


You can install this package via composer:

composer require chivincent/laravel-twbs4 --dev

The package will automatically register it's service provider.

Install the basic preset to only update the CSS and JavaScript files:

php artisan preset none # clear default presets
php artisan preset bootstrap4

Or if you want to install everything, including auth views:

php artisan preset none # clear default presets
php artisan preset bootstrap4-auth

Next, update NPM packages and build the CSS/JavaScript:

yarn && yarn dev

Or via NPM:

npm install && npm run dev

Important: Make sure you have a backup of your code. The presets update package.json, and replace views, CSS, and JavaScript.


The Bootstrap 4 presets include the same familiar resources/assets/scss/_variables.scss file, with some updated values to match Bootstrap 4 variable changes. This preset looks similar to the current 3.x version that ships with Laravel, but isn't identical.

Here are the variables ported over thus far:

// Body
$body-bg: #fff;

// Borders
$laravel-border-color: darken($body-bg, 10%);
$list-group-border-color: $laravel-border-color;

$card-border-color: $laravel-border-color;

// Brands
$primary: #3097D1;
$info: #8eb4cb;
$success: #2ab27b;
$warning: #cbb956;
$danger: #bf5329;

// Typography
$font-family-sans-serif: "Raleway", sans-serif;
$font-size-base: .875rem; // 14px
$line-height-base: 1.6;
$text-color: #636b6f;

// Inputs
$input-border-color: lighten($text-color, 40%);
$input-placeholder-color: lighten($text-color, 30%);





The MIT License (MIT). See License File for more information.