An add-on for adaptive images.

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An add-on for adaptive images

Allows support for high-resolution displays by automatically creating different assets representing the same image. It specifies bitmapped images by adding a srcset attribute to the img element, as specified by the W3C draft

It does it out the box on through the template, WYSIWYG requires a modification to your getCMSFields() method.

Older browsers require a polyfill. All modern browsers support the tag

Only resized images will be have adaptive images generated, for example $Image.paddedImage(50). There's no point in upscaling native images, but you can force halving images changing the boolean on $forceretina in RetinaImage.php. Note this will half the size of every non resized image.


  • Install the add-on
  • run ?flush=1 on your page
  • done! time for a beer

WYSIWYG support

You'll need to modify your getCMSFields() function. create() a \HtmlEditorField isntead of using new, there's a custom class that will modify its behaviour. In most cases you'll only need to do this once in your Page.php file:

$fields->removeFieldFromTab('Root.Main', 'Content');
	HtmlEditorField::create('Content', _t('SiteTree.HTMLEDITORTITLE', 'Content', 'HTML editor title')),

How it works

When creating a generated image it creates three different images, scaled up to the following factors: 1.0x, 1.5x, and 2.0x. The default generated image is also created, which is used as the src attribute. These image urls are then placed into the srcset tag.

Tweaking the variables

The yml config has two variables, qualityDegrade and qualityCap. qualityDegrade is the percentage per ratio to degrade by as the images get bigger. A qualityDegrade of 30 will degrade a 2x image by 30% (with a default quality of 75% it will be 45%). qualityCap is there to make sure you don’t go too low.

There are plenty of online resources that describe why lowering the quality is a good idea as the images get larger.

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