A tool for handling the filtering of content.

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#Text Formatter

A tool for handling the filtering of content.

The code based on Drupal text filters system. Check out the documentation about how Drupal text filters work.



use ChiTeck\TextFormatter\TextFormatter;
use ChiTeck\TextFormatter\Filters\Html;
use ChiTeck\TextFormatter\Filters\Autop;
use ChiTeck\TextFormatter\Filters\Corrector;

$formatter = new TextFormatter([
    new Html(['allowedTags' => '<a><ul><li><p><br>']),
    new Autop(),
    new Corrector(),

$safeText = $formatter->checkMarkup($text);

Supported filters

  • Html – Limits allowed HTML tags.
  • Autop – Converts line breaks into <p> and <br> in an intelligent fashion.
  • Corrector – Makes sure that HTML tags are properly closed.
  • Escape – Escapes all HTML tags, so they will be visible instead of being effective.
  • Nofollow – Adds rel="nofollow" to all links.


Text Formatter licensed under GPLv2.