WooCommerce extension for supporting Checkout Finland payment methods

1.1.5 2019-09-12 06:39 UTC


Contributors: Nomafin and villesiltala

Required WordPress version: 4.9

Required PHP version: 7.1

A WooCommerce extension to add support for Checkout Finland payment methods.



Manual installation is not yet supported. Please use Composer.

Via Composer

  1. If you have Composer installed:
    • You can use the command line or add json in your composer.json file:
$ composer require checkoutfinland/woocommerce-gateway-checkout-finland
  "require": {
    "checkoutfinland/woocommerce-gateway-checkout-finland": "*"
  1. Activate the plugin.
  2. Go to WooCommerce Settings and open Payments tab.
  3. Enable Checkout Finland with the switch.
  4. Configure your own Checkout Finland settings.


There are several settings you can configure via the payment gateway options page.

Test mode

If test mode is enabled, your store will automatically use Checkout Finland's test credentials.

Title and description

These texts will be shown on the front-end to the end-user.

Merchant ID and Secret key

Your Checkout Finland credentials.