1.0.0 2013-06-27 20:41 UTC


PHP library to interact with Chartbeat API.

See great API docs and API explorer from Chartbeat website for more info.

This library requires PHP >5.3 and cURL extension for PHP to work. Tested with PHP 5.3.15 and 5.4.6

Please give feedback, report bugs, fork and contribute.


Add chartbeat-php to your composer.json:

	"require" : {
		"chartbeat/chartbeat-php" : "1.*"

Simple test script:

require_once ('vendor/autoload.php'); // composer autoloader
$apiKey = '<your api key>';
$host = '<your host>';
$cb = new Chartbeat\Chartbeat($host, $apiKey);

// get monthly max people on site
echo 'Monthly max people on the site: ' . $cb->getMonthlyMaxPeople(); 

You can also do any kind of API query using get() method. First parameter is data endpoint (eg. 'historical/traffic/series'), seconds one contains parameters.

In here, we get top referer of page which has most visitors right now:

$cbData = $cb->get('live/toppages/v3/', array('limit' => 1)); // get all top pages, we want only 1
$topPage = current($cbData->pages); // get first page of the result
var_dump(current($topPage->stats->toprefs)); // output first top referer of page

// outputs:
object(stdClass)#9 (2) {
  string(10) ""

Error handling

Every error throws exception Chartbeat\Exception.

try {
	// set invalid key and try to get data
} catch (Chartbeat\Exception $ex)
	echo "Caught exception: " . $ex->getMessage();
	// will output "Caught exception: Chartbeat API error. Message: No Access, Code: 403"


You can test this library by running example.php with:

./example.php <your host> <your API key> 

This will output monthly max people your site