Lightweight PHP implementation of the PSR-11 standard, offering a versatile Inversion of Control (IoC) container.

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charon-container is an open-source implementation of the PHP-FIG PSR-11 standard, which defines a common interface for dependency injection containers. Aims to provide a simple and efficient Inversion of Control (IoC) container for PHP applications.


  • PSR-11 Compliance: Adheres to the PSR-11 standard, ensuring compatibility with other components and frameworks that rely on this specification.
  • Dependency Injection (DI): Facilitates the injection of dependencies into your application components, promoting a modular and maintainable code structure.
  • Service Container: Acts as a service container, managing the instantiation and retrieval of objects throughout your application.
  • Simplicity and Performance: Focuses on simplicity and performance, providing a lightweight solution for dependency management.


Use the composer to install:

composer require charonlab/charon-container


Documentation is at docs



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License for more information.