Helpers to implement the Value Object pattern in Laravel 5

1.01 2015-11-13 13:23 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-17 15:12:28 UTC


A simple implementation of the Value Object pattern ( with some helpers for Laravel 5.


Via Composer

$ composer require chalcedonyt/laravel-valueobject:1.*

Once composer is finished, add the service provider to the providers array in app/config/app.php:



This package adds a helper generator for Value Objects to quickly create them.

php artisan make:valueobject NewValueObject

Enter the class or variable name for parameter 0 (Examples: \App\User or $user) [Blank to stop entering parameters] [(no_param)]:
 > $var1

 Enter the class or variable name for parameter 1 (Examples: \App\User or $user) [Blank to stop entering parameters] [(no_param)]:
 > $var2
namespace App\ValueObjects;

class NewValueObject extends Chalcedonyt\ValueObject\ValueObject
    * @var
    protected $var1;

    * @var
    protected $var2;

    *  @param $var1
    *  @param $var2
    public function __construct( $var1, $var2)
        $this -> var1 = $var1;
        $this -> var2 = $var2;

It also introduces a static method create that will return an instance of the ValueObject from an array.

$args = ['var1' => 1, 'var2' => 2];
$obj = NewValueObject::create($args);
$obj -> __toString(); //"{"var1":1,"var2":2}"

Change log

  • 1.1 You can now create a ValueObject inside a directory by specifying it in the classname, e.g. php artisan make:valueobject MyDir\\MyObject

Please see [CHANGELOG] for more information what has changed recently.