An image manipulation library for PHP. Fork with some changes.

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An image processing library for PHP

Unique Features

These are the features that make Grafika unique from other libs:

  • Smart Crop - Grafika can guess the crop position based on the image content where the most important regions are preserved.
  • Animated GIF Support - It can resize animated GIFs on both GD and Imagick. On GD, Grafika uses its own GIF parser to do this.
  • 5 Resize Modes - Resize is a first class citizen in Grafika. Call them directly using resizeFit, resizeFill, resizeExact, resizeExactWidth, and resizeExactHeight or use the generic resize api.
  • Image Compare - Find how similar two images are using perceptual hashes or check if they are exactly equal.
  • Advance Filters - Sobel and Floyd-Steinberg Dithering. More will be added in future releases.
  • Image Blending - Blend 2 images using the following modes: normal, multiply, overlay and screen.
  • Normalized API - No need to worry about the differences between GD and Imagick API, Grafika normalizes these operations for you.

See documentation for a full list of features.





  • MIT License
  • GPL 2