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hymn - Hydrogen Management


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Console tool for installing Hydrogen applications.


PHAR download

sudo curl -LsS -o /usr/local/bin/hymn
sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/hymn


git checkout
sudo mv Hymn/hymn.phar /usr/local/bin/hymn
rm -Rf Hymn

Afterwards, the hymn command is available systemwide. Check the installation by displaying the current version from any folder you like.

> hymn version (en)


Run hymn self-update to install the latest version. You can install any tagged version by providing the desired version, like hymn self-update



- Project = Blueprint for an App installation configured by Hymn file
- App     = Set if installed modules, built or installed by project configuration
- Source  = Shelf within the library of available modules


A. Configuration Management

For creating and extending a project Hymn config file, you execute these commands:

1. Project Creation and Source Management

- init                                        Create initial Hymn file for this project
- source-list                                 List library sources registered in Hymn file
- source-add                                  Add module source of modules to Hymn file
- source-remove KEY                           Remove module source from Hymn file
- source-enable [-dfqv] SOURCE                Enable source in Hymn file
- source-disable [-dfqv] SOURCE               Disable source in Hymn file

2. Project Setup and Information

- config-get KEY                              Get setting from Hymn file
- config-set KEY [VALUE]                      Enter and save setting in Hymn file
- database-config                             Enter and save database connection details
- database-test                               Test database connection

3. Project Module Management

- config-module-add                           Add a module to Hymn file
- config-module-remove                        Remove a module from Hymn file
- config-module-get MODULE.KEY                Get module setting from Hymn file
- config-module-set MODULE.KEY [VALUE]        Enter and save module setting in Hymn file

4. Project Module Information

- module-info [-v] MODULE [SOURCE]            Show information about module (in library source)
- modules-available [SOURCE]                  List modules available (in library source)
- modules-installed [SOURCE]                  List modules installed within application (from library source)
- modules-required                            List modules required for application
- modules-search NAME [SOURCE]                List modules found by name part (within library source)
- modules-updatable                           List modules with available updates
- modules-unneeded                            List modules not needed by other modules

B. Application Management

Having a valid Hymn config file, you execute these commands:

1. App Base Configuration Management

- app-base-config-disable [-dqv] KEY          Disable an enabled setting in config.ini
- app-base-config-enable [-dqv] KEY           Enable a disabled setting in config.ini
- app-base-config-get KEY                     Read setting from config.ini
- app-base-config-set [-dqv] KEY VALUE        Save setting in config.ini

2. App Instance & Module Management

- app-info [-v]                               Show app setup
- app-status [-v]                             Show status of app and its modules
- app-graph                                   Render module relations graph (see config/modules.graph.png)
- app-sources                                 List installed library sources
- app-move DESTINATION [URL]                  Move app to another folder (and adjust app base URL)

3. App Module Management

- app-install [-dqv] [MODULE+]                Install specific available module(s) (or all)
- app-uninstall [-dfqv] [MODULE+]             Uninstall specific installed module(s) (or all)
- app-update [-dqv] [MODULE+]                 Updated specific installed modules(s) (or all)
- app-module-config-get MODULE.KEY            Get config value of installed module by config key
- app-module-config-set MODULE.KEY VALUE      Set config value of installed module by config key
- app-module-config-dump [--file=.hymn]       Export current module settings into Hymn file
- app-module-reconfigure [-dqv] MODULE        Configure installed module

4. App Database Management

- database-clear [-dfqv]                      Drop database tables
- database-dump [PATH]                        Export database to SQL file
- database-load [PATH|FILE]                   Import (specific or latest) SQL file
- database-keep [KEEP_RULES]                  Remove database dumps not meeting the keep rules

Keep Rules:
--daily=[DAYS]             Number of daily dumps to keep
--monthly=[MONTHS]         Number of monthly dumps to keep
--yearly=[YEARS]           Number of yearly dumps to keep

5. App Stamp Management

- app-stamp-dump [SOURCE]                              Export current module settings into a stamp file
- app-stamp-diff [PATH|FILE] [TYPE] [SOURCE] [MODULE]  Show changes between installed modules and stamp
- app-stamp-load [PATH|FILE] [TYPE] [SOURCE] [MODULE]  Restore module settings of stamp (not implemented yet)
- app-stamp-prospect TYPE [SOURCE]                     Show changes when updating outdated modules
- app-stamp-info [PATH|FILE] [TYPE*] [SOURCE] [MODULE] Display details of stamp

C. Additional Functions

1. Self Management

- help                           Show this help screen
- version                        Show current hymn version
- self-update [-dv] [VERSION]    Replace hymn binary by master or given version
- test-syntax [-rqv] [PATH]      Test syntax of Hymn PHP classes

2. Stamp Management

- stamp-diff [PATH|FILE] [TYPE] [SOURCE] [MODULE]  Show changes between available modules and stamp


-d | --dry                 Actions are simulated only
-f | --force               Continue actions on error or warnings
-q | --quiet               Avoid any output
-v | --verbose             Be verbose about taken steps
-r | --recursive           Perform file actions recursively (used by test-syntax only)
--file=[.hymn]             Alternative path of Hymn file
--prefix=[<%prefix%>]      Set database table prefix in dump
--db=[yes,no,only]         Switch to enable changes in database (default: yes)

Commands of make

create [MODE=(prod|dev)]   Create Phar file `hymn.phar` in PROD or DEV mode (default: PROD)
create-phar                Create Phar file `hymn.phar` in PROD mode (default)
create-phar-dev            Create Phar file `hymn.phar` in DEV mode
install                    Alias for install-link
install-copy               Install hymn.phar as copy in /usr/local/bin/hymn
install-link               Install hymn.phar as symlink in /usr/local/bin/hymn
test-syntax                Test syntax of local PHP class files (using hymn test-syntax)
test-units                 Run PhpUnit (if installed) to test source files
uninstall                  Remove global file or symlink /usr/local/bin/hymn
update                     Apply remote updates to local installation

create / create-phar

Creates Phar file hymn.phar in default LIVE mode.

The resulting file:

  • contains reduced PHP files (e.G. comments are stipped out)
  • is compressed
  • will show bogus info on internal exceptions (use DEV mode for debugging)


Creates Phar file hymn.phar in DEV mode.

The resulting file:

  • contains original PHP files
  • is not compressed
  • is usable for debugging internal errors


Will use install-link to symlink hymn.phar to global scope.


Installs hymn.phar to global scope by creating a copy in /usr/local/bin/hymn.


  • remove /usr/local/bin/hymn
  • copy local hymn.phar to /usr/local/bin/hymn


Installs hymn.phar to global scope by creating a symlink in /usr/local/bin/hymn.


  • remove /usr/local/bin/hymn
  • link local hymn.phar to /usr/local/bin/hymn


Will test syntax of local PHP class files using hymn test-syntax.


Will run PhpUnit (if installed) to test source files.


Will remove global file or symlink /usr/local/bin/hymn.


Applies remote updates to local installation.


  • print out current version
  • revert local changes to hymn.phar
  • stash local changes
  • fetch updates
  • merge updates and local commits using rebase
  • apply stashed local changes
  • make create-phar



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