Add two factor authentication like OTP to simpleSAMLphp. The second factor is managed in privacyIDEA.

v5.5.3 2024-01-03 08:11 UTC


This plugin adds flexible, enterprise-grade two factor authentication to simplesSAMLphp.

It enables simpleSAMLphp to do two factor authentication against a privacyIDEA server, that runs in your network. Users can authenticate with normal OTP tokens, Challenge Response tokens like e-mail and SMS or using WebAuthn and U2F devices. TiQR is currently not supported.


It is recommended to install this package using composer. In your saml root dir, execute the following command in a terminal:

composer require cesnet/simplesamlphp-module-privacyidea


Please check the documentation


This is a fork of privacyidea/simplesamlphp-module-privacyidea by @privacyidea, maintained and contributed to by CESNET, z. s. p. o. and Institute of Computer Science, Masaryk University.