A Laravel Lumen distribution with modifications for Google AppEngines Managed VMs. Applied in a single transparent commit.

v5.1.4 2015-12-06 17:17 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-07-28 05:37:40 UTC



  • gcloud command available (install the Google Cloud SDK
  • gcloud authentication (gcloud auth)
  • a project in one of the Managed VMs enabled Google Cloud Platform Zones (at the time of writing, those are all in the us)
  • git, composer, php, python2, python2-crcmod
  • docker & docker-compose if you need a database locally via docker-compose


  • composer install
  • modify app.yaml to your needs (the default module is exposed at the root of your AppEngine, you can have multiple modules)


You may start a mysql instance bound to with docker-compose up

python2 $HOME/google-cloud-sdk/bin/dev_appserver.py \
    --custom_entrypoint="php artisan serve \
    --port {port}" \
# or



# "--promote" determines if this should be exposed at your AppEngine Module root
# "--version" determines how the docker builder VM on Compute Engine will be named (important if
#             you want to deploy more than one module at time, and the module Version name
gcloud preview app deploy --version default-001 --promote app.yaml

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