BE calendar for editing database records (such as news) conveniently





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v1.0 2021-04-08 22:50 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-13 04:18:13 UTC


This extension provides a backend module which lets you manage time-based database record in a calendar.



After installation, you can use this extension right away to manage news records provided by extensions "news" nd "tt_news". Just open the BE module "Web>List calendar" and chose a page on which you want to create, modify or view news records.


The extension is configured by TSconfig.

TSconfig properties

Sub-keys of TSconfig path mod.web_listcal

TSconfig property Data type
newItemHour integer
limitDaysOfWeek list
table.[table].hideTable bool
table.[table].dateColumn string


Hour for new records create for a chosen day. :

# Example:
# New created records will be created with a time of 7PM
mod.web_listcal.newItemHour = 19


Limit display to some days of the week (0 = Sunday ... 6 = Saturday).

For example, you can include this on a page including your Wednesdays' events: :

# Example:
# Show only wednesdays in the BE calendar:
mod.web_listcal.limitDaysOfWeek = 3


Do not show a certain table in the calendar. :

# Example:
# Do not include tt_news on a page (page TSconfig) or for a certain user group (user TSconfig)
mod.web_listcal.tables.tt_news.hideTable = 1


Enable support for a certain table by specifying a field which holds a timestamp. For example you can add support for list_cal to your TYPO3 extension by putting this to your ext_tables.php: :

// Add support for TYPO3 extension "list_cal" to my cool extension
// by adding database field `startDate` to their configuration:
        mod.web_listcal.table {
                tx_myext_domain_model_mytable {
                        dateColumn = startDate

Bugs? Wishes? Pull requests?

The project on has been archived. Therefore, issues should now be filed at the github repository:

Please report bugs to the issue tracker at